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Preservative & Biocides provider

As a leading Chemical manufacturer and distributor, Easy Chemcial is specialized in supplying preservative, biocides, and other functional ingredients. We have the full portforlio to meet your requirement for different industries.

Easy Chemical - The manufacturer & supplier of Preservative and biocides

As the leading exporter of preservatives and biocides,  Suzhou Easy Chemical Co. Ltd. has a full product portfolio, including Synthetic preservatives and natural preservatives, with a product line covering traditional, new types of preservatives and biocides and their solutions.

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What's our featured preservative & biocides?

Easy Chemical has a capacity of 1000MT output of preservative, and 6000MT biocides, including DMDMH, CMIT/MIT, Glutaraldehyde, CHG, PHMB, PHMG, PCMX, DCMX, etc. Easy chemical also supply cosmetics ingredients, such as D-panthenol, D-alpha tocopheryl acetate, Ascorbyl TetraisopalmitateSodium hyaluronate, Benzophenone, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate

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Which industries do our preservatives and biocides serve?

SuZhou Easy Chemical Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the manufacture and distribution of preservatives, biocides like chloroxylenol, PHMB, etc. We are active in a wide range of industries, including personal care, home care, cleaning chemicals, water treatment, paints and coatings, paper, disinfectants, oleochemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.   

Browse Easy Chmeical’s product list

Welcome to Su Zhou Easy Chemical Co. Ltd

Suzhou Easy Chemical Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer and distributor of preservatives and biocides. With years of experience, We do not only provide chemicals raw materials but also solutions and OEM service for customers.   






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Come take a look at our customer distribution

Easy Chemical exports preservative and biocides, (especially our feature products PCMX and PHMB) to more than 30 countries in the world.

Why choose Easy chemical?


Complete categories

Easy chemical provides the raw material, preservatives solutions, and OEM service.


Ready in stock

Easy chemical has 3 factories,  6000mt output of PHMB and PCMX, CHG. 


Test and Research

Easy chemical has its own laboratory and can do MIC tests for biocides, preservatives, and finished products.


Free samples & Small MOQ

Easy chemical provide free sample and small MOQ from 1KG to 200kg

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