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APSM is an effective and quickly dissolvable phosphorus-free auxiliary agent , and is considered the ideal substitution for STPP (SodiumTriphosphate). APSM is widely used in washing-powder, detergent, printing and dyeing auxiliary agent and textile auxiliary agent industries.


APSM is equal to STTP in terms of calcium and magnesium complexing performance; it is highly compatible with any kinds of surface active agents (especially for non-ionic surface active agent), and stain removal capability is also satisfactory; it easily dissolves in water, 15g minimum can be dissolved in 10ml of water; APSM is capable of soakage, emulsification, suspending and anti-deposition; PH damping value is also desirable; it is high in effective content, the powder is in high whiteness, and it’s suitable to be used in detergents; APSM with high performance price ratio is environment-friendly, it can improve the liquidity of pulp, increase solid content of pulp, and save energy consumption thus greatly reduces the cost of detergents; it can be used as an auxiliary agent to partly replace or completely replace STTP, and meet the demands of users.

3. Specification


Typical measured value

Ca exchange capacity (CaCO3),mg/g 


Mg exchange capacity (MgCO3),mg/g


Particle size (20 mesh sieve) , %


Whiteness, %


pH, (0.1% aq., 25°C)


Water insolubles, %


Water, %




Packing in 25kg/bag, or according to your requests.

4. Package


5.Period of validity:
Store in shady, cool and dry place, sealed

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