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the active ingredients of disinfectants- PCMX(Chloroxylenol)

what products PCMX(Chloroxylenol) Used in?

P-Chlorine m-xylenol (PCMX), do you feel tall and magnificent when you see the name of this major? In fact, the active ingredients of these brand disinfectants, such as Dettol and Welsh, are parachlorom-xylenol (PCMX).

What’s advantage of PCMX?

The advantage of chloroxylenol is that it is less irritating and corrosive, and has no peculiar smell. The bactericidal mechanism of PCMX is quite special. It is electrophilic and can take away the electrons in proteins and nucleic acids and affect the metabolism and reproduction of microorganisms. This kind of disinfection product is often used for surgical disinfection in hospitals. In the home, it can be used to clean the floor, toilet lid, etc.

Can PCMX kill the coronavirus?

As to whether PCMX can kill the coronavirus, there is some controversy in the academic circles. Some people think that it has no effect, and some people think that it can kill viruses at a certain concentration. However, it is certain that it can kill various common bacteria and influenza viruses.

Is PCMX food grade?

Although the toxicity of PCMX is low, it does not reach the “food grade”, so don’t use it to disinfect vegetables and fruits.

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